About Gaia Creative Design

Allison Dorweiler (Nickname Starr) is the founder and developer for Gaia Creative Design.

In 1997 when websites were really beginning to enter into the realm of mainstream, Allison had a vision to bring professional yet affordable websites to small and medium sized businesses so, that they could compete in the ever growing web market.

Today, that vision has been achieved with Gaia Creative Design, a web design agency that brings together graphic design, content writing, marketing and web development into a cohesive, affordable package for her clients.

Allison began working on projects ranging from small content creation websites to larger e-commerce shops with hundreds of pages. Her extensive background in marketing and publishing alongside of working with big brands, allowed her to merge her skills and her clients vision to generate beautiful and effective websites.

Today, Gaia Creative Design is still going strong. We develop beautiful websites, mobile apps, and create content for all types of businesses while helping companies meet their goals and reach their customers.

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